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Queerbrary is all about LGBTQ+ inclusion and active support in library spaces, both for patrons and staff worldwide.

This blog is all about finding ways to meet the needs of your patrons (students, customers, etc.), staff, and faculty in a way that isn’t just lip service. Libraries of all kinds need comprehensive LGBTQ+ programming, collection development, outreach, and staff training and support in order to truly serve the community as a whole. And when we say comprehensive, we mean it – programming for all ages and abilities; collections that include queer romance, sexual health, science fiction, biographies; collections that include equal representation of Black, indigenous, and POC queer authors; outreach that expands outside of the Pride parade; training that doesn’t focus solely on vocabulary.

There’s so much to explore when queering the library. Let’s get started!


Quick Queer Program - Community Art Show
·1016 words·5 mins
Ariel's Romance Corner: Fly with Me
·909 words·5 mins
Who Needs Rights Anyway? A Breakdown of the Supreme(ly Broken) Court
·1743 words·9 mins